That’s right, complete tune-up of your Air Conditioning system for only $79! Summer is fast approaching and there’s no better time than now to make sure your system is up to the challenge! Let us help you prepare for summer by scheduling a system Tune-Up today!!! Offer ends May 1st!

Tune-up includes inspection and check of…
* System Operation in Cooling
* Thermostat Operation
* Refrigerant Charge
* Compressor Voltage & Amperage
* Cleaning Condenser Coil & Housing
* Condenser Fan Blade Balance &
* Condenser Capacitor(s)
* Condenser Motor Voltage,
Amperage, & Bearings
* Condenser Controls & Circuit Board
* Cleaning of Drain Piping
* Indoor and Outdoor Electrical Wiring,
Disconnects, & Breakers
* Proper Operation of All Safety
* Blower Motor Voltage, Amperage, &
* Blower Capacitor
* Blower Wheel Balance & Condition
* Blower Compartment
* Evaporator Coil (if accessible)